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Welcome to your personal recreation zone. We rent ten rooms in our small wellness hotel.
Each room has its own story - its own charm, lovely and cozy.
For the portion extra rest - Digital Detox in the Berghof:
In the room you do not have cell phone reception - that promises you the recovery and break you deserve. 
On request, we can also remove the TV from your room. Take your time for your book that you have been reading for so long. When was the last time you watched stars in peace...? With us in the mountains, there is virtually no light pollution, it is pitch-dark and a star carpet spreads over the deep black sky. As a rule you can watch Milky way, shooting stars, Mars, the moon,... almost every day.
(All rooms have landline phones and Wi-Fi - so do not worry, contact with loved ones at home is still possible ...)
The rooms are all equipped with real wood furniture and wooden floors - ideal for allergy sufferers is also the location at 1,400 meters. Our guests enjoy all advantages such as free guided hikes through the majestic mountains, soothing infusions in the sauna or fragrant delicacies from the Berghof kitchen.



Special offer in September & October: Crystal clear air and a wonderful distant view - directly from the room window on the mighty mountains of Tyrol and all-inclusive :-)

"My personal moment of happiness: I sit down in the evening, with a glass of red wine on the terrace and let the gigantic night sky with its thousands of sparkling stars just affect me ...."

Maria Thöni, owner


Lots of wood provides warmth and tranquility. The lovingly decorated rooms are of course equipped with modern standards. Wifi, shower / WC, satellite TV, telephone, safe.


All rooms have real wood floors and thus let allergy hearts beat faster. You have access to our newly designed wellness terrace as a relaxation place.


The wooden wall beds offer either a comfortable seating, or sleeping space for two additional people - large or small.

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These inviting, cozy balcony rooms are furnished in typical Tyrolean country house style and feature modern, comfortable furnishings.


Special feature "Bergluft" room: Enjoy the fresh and clear air and let your gaze wander over the breathtaking mountain scenery from the balcony.


All rooms have real wood floors and thus let allergy hearts beat faster.




Cozy double room with balcony and wonderful panoramic view.


Enjoy the view of the unspoilt mountains and the crystal-clear air from your bed.


Ideal for families and Weitsich lovers. Cozy sofa bed - for up to four people seeking relaxation!


All rooms have real wood floors and thus let allergy hearts beat faster.


Hüttenzauber (c) elikrismer
Weitblick Doppelzimmer  9 (c) elikrismer
Vorraum Zimmer (c) Zweiraum Eli Krismer.
Weitblick Doppelzimmer (c) elikrismer
Weitblick Doppelzimmer Bad (c) elikrisme
Stuben (c) Zweiraum Eli Krismer
Obergeschoss Berghof (c) elikrismer
Einzelzimmer Bad (c) Elikrismer
Einzelzimmer 7 (c) Zweiraum Eli Krismer.
Bergluft Doppelzimmer (c) elikrismer
Bergluft Doppelzimmer Aussicht (c) elikr
Bergluft Doppelzimmer Balkon (c) elikris
Einzelzimmer (c) Zweiraum Eli Krismer
Bergluft Doppelzimmer Bad (c) elikrismer
Aussicht vom Balkon (c) elikrismer