Tyrolean Mountain Summer

A summer like this


Summerdays in the Berghof

The mighty mountain world is omnipresent, whether on two wheels, on foot in the alpine pasture, in the forest looking for mushrooms, comfortably by the mountain lake - all this is the Tyrolean mountain summer.
Familie in der Tschey
Familienglück in der Tschey
Familienglück am Rieder Badesee
Mountainbiken rund um den Berghof
tiroler_oberland_bogen_badesee_2016_300dpi_danielzangerl (147 von 461)
Toni und Maria durch die Tschey
Sonnenterrasse im Berghof
Chef Toni beim Dreiländergiro
Unser Hotel im Sonnenschein
Hier lässt es sich aushalten!

My mountain summer -

My heartbeat moment

Let yourself be guided by the sustainable philosophy and the love of nature. Our environment is our life. We will be happy to share our sensory impressions and enjoy together unforgettable summer days.
The summer in the mountains can be experienced as versatile as in hardly any other country. Pfunds is ideally located in the border triangle - the motto "A valley, a thousand possibilities" is no coincidence here. In addition to all the scenic beauty, Pfunds is above all provided with a particularly interesting history, culture and many traditions. Even children and families feel very well with us - the special highlight: the visit to the animals in the stable.
Every week we go on guided hikes - Andreas & Maria are both certified hiking guides and the most beautiful hiking destinations are almost directly in front of the Berghof front door!
Around Pfunds there is a very (!) Large hiking area - almost completely untouched by humans - that is unique in Tyrol. You walk for hours, often you only meet a handful of hikers throughout the day. Nevertheless, the infrastructure is right - there are five mountain pastures to stop in and the trails are perfectly signposted and maintained. Some of the trails were even awarded by the Tyrolean state government.
Especially for cyclists there are limitless possibilities, racing cyclists, mountain bikers, enduro bikers, and much more. feel comfortable with us.


That's how summer tastes

The good is so close - with the farmer in the neighborhood, in your own herb garden, or in the forest behind the house. In July, there are the first mushroom dishes in our menu.
The Berghof cuisine is especially well-known for the game dishes - many of them long for this special time in August and September.
Our native game finds a herb rich Äsung and develops a particularly aromatic, first-class meat quality.
You tell us some of your favorite dishes here from our summer card:     
  • Greiter lettuce with herb goat cheese from the Greiter farmers    
  •  crispy Wurzenbrot with fried porcini mushrooms     
  • Braised mountain sheep with vegetables and potatoes     
  • Innsbruck schnitzel (filled with gorgonzola and spinach)    
  •  Venison steak under the pepper crust with homemade noodles and red cabbage     
  • Wild- & Schwammerlplatte - Gusto pieces from deer, stag & chamois     homemade chocolate mousse     
  • fluffy waffles with fresh berries ..... mmmhh !!


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Alpine roses bloom in Tyrol!

Almrosen, Alpenrosen, Almrausch, .. there are countless names for the pink alpine flower. In Tyrol, it is almost a national flower - it blooms from mid / late June to late July and wraps the mountain meadows in a delicate red to pink. Usually you can find them from a height of 1,500 meters. Pfunds enjoys an excellent climate for Alpine roses and you can tell. Almost nowhere else, the mountain landscapes radiate from a distance in rich reds. Hiking guides Maria & Andreas know the most beautiful paths in the middle of the wonderful flower splendor.
From the 25th of June to the end of July, we will start weekly alpine hikes - free for our guests.

Hay - Work in the Berghof

 The Wanderhotel Berghof has been a farm for almost 70 years. Since summer 2016 we are also member of the association "Urlaub am Bauernhof". On our farm live about 30 sheep, 2 goats and 30 chickens. During the summer months, the sheep spend their summer holiday at the Hohenzollernhaus. During this time, the meadows are mowed around the Berghof and introduced the hay for the winter. Because of the steep slopes, everything is still done by hand - sometimes mowed with the scythe.
It's a sweaty job, but still it's nice to sit tired but satisfied on the terrace at the "Marenden" in the late afternoon. At the end of June we start the hay harvest - we invite our guests to be there and to help. The work is good not only for the body but also for the soul.
In the morning, the day begins with a hearty breakfast, then it goes with Chef Anton to mow with the scythe.
With the pitchfork, the hay must then be zettelt - "roada" it says in Pfunds. The hay dries now on one side - as soon as that happens, we have to turn it over by hand again with the fork. After a hearty lunch - traditionally with dumplings, etc., the rake goes to the meadows one last time. The sun burns mercilessly from the sky, under us the fragrant hay - sweat beads gather - Toni brings cold mineral water to the refreshment. Andreas picks up the last batch of hay with the tug and brings it to the barn. Tired but happy and satisfied (also a bit of pride ...) we end the day on the Berghof terrace in the sunshine with a hearty Marend befitting. Maria prepares a hearty Brettljause with bacon, alpine cheese, butter, crispy mill bread, gherkin,  ...
Heu für die Berghof-Schafe
Die Wiesen um den Berghof
Schafe auf der Sommerfrische
Eier vom eigenen Bauernhof
Strahlende Kinderaugen
Der Berghof mit Bauernhof
Schweißtreibend aber schön
Platzertal mit Almrosen
Weiße Almrosen
Anton-Renk-Fälle mit Almrosen
Anton-Renk-Hütte mit Almrosen
Hohenzollernhaus und Almrosen
Platzeralm mit Almrosen
Glockturm mit Almrosen
Chefin Maria beim Wandern